Social Responsibility Activities

At Begi Çorap, we have carried out various social responsibility activities for disadvantaged groups.
These include:

Providing Employment to Disadvantaged Groups: We contribute to the economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups by offering job opportunities. We promote equality and equal opportunities in society by providing employment to groups such as people with disabilities, ex-convicts, women, or immigrants.
Training and Skills Development Programs: We organize programs to help disadvantaged groups improve their education and skills. We provide support to these groups through activities such as vocational training courses, job search skills training, or entrepreneurship programs.
Awareness of Disadvantaged Groups: We organize campaigns to raise awareness about the challenges faced by disadvantaged groups in society. We conduct awareness campaigns regarding the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities and social media campaigns that draw attention to the gender inequalities in business life.
Social Assistance and Donations: We provide financial and material assistance to disadvantaged groups. We organize aid campaigns and directly donate to these groups to fulfill their basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, or education.
Social Integration Programs: We organize programs to support the better integration of disadvantaged groups into society. We strive to increase the participation of disadvantaged groups in society through activities such as language courses, cultural events, mentoring programs, or social events.
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Activities: We adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches while supporting disadvantaged groups. For example, we manufacture socks made from recyclable materials or organize environmental clean-up events. In this way, we address social issues within society and demonstrate an environmentally sensitive approach.